The Streams are designed to provide a focus on a specific area of the program to ensure that programs are developed and activities occur in that area.

Streams include programs offered to the members as well as administrative activities to support the growth of the Alliance


  • A member of the community will lead a stream and/or a priority
  • They will build the goals, strategies, and action plans for the Stream / Priority
  • The Lead will present their plans and progress to the Alliance team
Streams are either Organizational to support the operations of the Alliance or a Program to provide services to the members.
  • Metrics: Helping to create measures of success, tracking against the metrics, and periodic reporting.
  • Communications: Do you like marketing and visibility activities? Is social media your landing place? Help out with our communications such as creating content, doing social activities, and helping us get the word out.
  • Alliances and Community: Is working with alliance organizations and the community what you love to do? Help us out with the Alliances and Community Stream to work with other organizations to expand our network.
  • Learn: The Learn stream will focus on providing resources to the community. This could be a list of resources to read on your own or a webinar program to bring the community tougher. Participate in the Learn Stream to hear about topics and content that educate, inform, and empower to give members skills to succeed.
  • Speak: The Speak stream will assist individuals in their speaking goals & support the full process from producing an abstract to preparing to present.
  • Meet: The Meet Stream will strive to create inclusive events and provide networking opportunities where we can all gather and meet others.
  • Mentor: Mentor / mentee programs are very important for growth! Be a mentor, participate as a mentee.
  • Talk: The Talk Stream will help us all be better in our communications including Inclusive language and best practices for inclusivity.
  • Recognize: We are looking for someone to help identify individuals for recognition and for individuals to self-nominate for recognition. Let’s communicate these wins!
  • Empower: Encouragement for members to pursue their dreams in a big way